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The name of the electric scooter was inspired by the Tern bird, a unique type of seabird belonging to the Laridae family. Terns are known for their long tails, narrow wings, long beaks, and graceful flight. They are mostly white with a black cap and are long-lived birds that are exceptionally adaptable compared to other birds, some of which migrate long distances across oceans. In some Eastern cultures, they symbolize hope and resilience.

The electric scooter is designed to be flexible, compact, and strong. It has an exposed frame design, equipped with a mid motor at the rear for better stable operation at high speeds compared to a hub motor. The chain drive (through the front governor) can change the gear ratio by changing the sprocket, thereby allowing fine-tuning to suit multi-terrain mobility or riding style.

The electric scooter uses 2 battery packs stored in the trunk under the seat, which are easy to remove for flexible charging. In addition, the scooter is designed with customizable accessories, including a USB charging port, a convenient electric stand, a hanger, and a large delivery box in the back.

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