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The design was developed based on Dat Bike Weaver 200 model - a Vietnamese electric motorbike brand with classic design. The front battery pack is kept intact, and the idea is to convert it into a minibike model called Slark. The design prioritizes flexibility when navigating Vietnam’s crowded cities and convenience for users.
The vehicle is equipped with a Side Motor drive system, front Projector headlights, and a screen that can switch between different display parameters. This design aims to create a solid and robust shape with a classic touch. The Slark minibike has a seamless monolithic fuel tank design, with the bodywork replaced by a large trunk that can hold personal items. Additionally, there is a trunk behind the saddle for storing items such as helmets, which help users to charge their mobile devices. A delivery or small box can be attached to the back of the custom handle to hold repair items or personal belongings suitable for deliveries or long-distance travel.

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