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Our design studio represents the portfolio of authorial projects. Studio was founded in 2010 as a product design development agency. We form a creative team which is specialized in transport design, industrial design, product design and visual design. We became a partner of Impact Hub in the city of Zlin - Czech Republic to supply design and engineering services. We can prosper in our business thanks to closer cooperation with the partners from many industry spheres. The mission is to offer professional services in complex design methodology. We look for optimal solutions which will connect technical and aesthetical forms of designed products. We are able to judge your requirements and prepare a precise offer of the project according to our service portfolio. So far, we have worked for more than 100 companies / brands in Europe predominantly. We are looking forward to a successful partnership with you as well.


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Our Team.

The team consists of three professionals: 
- Tien Hung - Industrial Designer, who is responsible for creating the sleek and ergonomic shape. He is passionate about sketching and prototyping new ideas.

Thong Doan

Mechanical Engineer

Trieu Ngo

Hardware engineer

Untitled-1_0002_Layer 1.jpg

Tien Hung

Industrial & Transportation Designer


- Thong Doan - Mechanical Engineer, who is in charge of developing the internal components and mechanisms. He enjoys testing things and making durability and performance better.

- Trieu Ngo - Hardware Engineer, who is incharge of Homey's circuitry and connectivity. He has a master's degree in electrical engineering and a knack for programming and debugging.


Industrial Design


Industrial Design


6-step process


01. Design Requirements

Send us your Design Request using the following form.

02. Price & Completion time Negotiation

Analyze and discuss to have a suitable quote and completion time for your project.

03. Design Contract

Sign the design contract and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

04. Perform and Progress The Work

Work, update and receive feedbacks on the product design.

05. Progress Product Design

Update and complete design documents.

06. Design Handover

Hand over design documents and liquidate the contract.

Design Request


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